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About Us

Eplett Worobec Raikes Surveying Ltd. is a diversified, full-service surveying and mapping company in Simcoe County, Muskoka and the surrounding area, with offices located in Barrie and Midland. Eplett Worobec Raikes Surveying Ltd. has invested to purchase the assets of multiple survey firms in Central Ontario since 1990.

We are committed to providing quality, accurate, and cost effective land surveying services. We will strive in every way possible to meet or exceed all requirements and expedite the progress of any project for our clients. We will utilize the latest available technology and continuously educate ourselves effectively in the use of this technology.

Our mission is to serve our clients with highly accurate surveys, produced in an affordable and timely manner, using state of the art technology.

Survey Library

Eplett Worobec Raikes Surveying Ltd. possesses a number
of survey records from the following companies / surveyors:

  • D.H. Galbaith, OLS
  • D.J. Howe, OLS
  • Eplett & Worobec Surveying Ltd.
  • Edward C. Carter Surveying Ltd.
  • Galbraith Vollick Surveyors
  • Galbraith, Eplett, Worobec Surveying Ltd.
  • H.L. Mellish Surveying Ltd.
  • Paul R. Kitchen Surveying Ltd.
  • R.R. Krupowicz, OLS
  • Raikes & Bowers Surveying Ltd.
  • Raikes Surveying Ltd.
  • Rodney C. Raikes Surveying Ltd.
  • Roger R. Welsman, OLS
  • Roy C. Kirkpatrick, OLS
  • Samuel Bray, PLS
  • W.D. Smith Surveying Ltd.
  • CDN Land Surveyors Inc.
  • Preston Nicholson Harvey Inc.
  • John M. Harvey, OLS
  • Harvey and Preston Ltd.
  • James W. Nicholson, Ltd.
  • James W. Nicholson, OLS
  • John Bradbury Limited
  • James W. Nicholson Surveying Ltd.
  • W.M. Jackson Surveying Ltd.
  • Brown Cavell Jackson Limited
  • Gordon W. Harwood Ltd.
  • H.L. Mellish, OLS